Scoreboard Sponsorship

If you are a local or regional business, looking to advertise your services on a weekly basis, as well as to casual passers by, the cricket club offers a great opportunity to boost interest and get your name out there.

We are looking for a business to sponsor our scoreboard for the remainder of the current season and through to the beginning of next season - nearly a full 12 months of advertisement in a prime location.

Your sponsorship will allow you the opportunity to showcase a banner on the back/front/side of our scoreboard, advertising your company.

As we are nearing the end of the current season, we are currently running a raffle, whereby for the low price of £20, you can enter your company into a raffle to become our sponsor for the remainder of the season, but all companies who enter will also be advertised on our website too, so even if you don't get drawn out, we will still give you some free press!

If you are interested in taking part in the raffle, or would like to discuss this sponsorship opportunity, or any others we currently have, please get in touch with us via, or contact Bryan Greenwood direct on 07979 567070.

A big thank you to all the entrants so far who can be seen below!